# Title Researcher Download
158 Advanced virologic detection of Coronavirus from infected calves Ebtsam, A. Abouelyazeed; Yanni, M.I.; Saad, A. Moussa; Hala, A. Salem and Hanan A. Fahmi Download
127 Aloe vera gel as an alternative to antibiotic treatment in buffalo calves conjunctivitis: A feild tria *Nahed, M.A. Shawky;**Rasha, M.H. Sayed-El Ahl; *Aliaa, A.E. Mohamed and **Salem, R.M. Tageldeen Download
163 Ameliorative effect of taurine and sawdust on copper sulphate toxicity in Oreochromis niloticus with referring to public health hazards of its residue Rehab, E. Mowafy* ; Hend, M. Megahed**; Mervat A. Ayoub* ; Amina M. El-Amin*** and Mohamed A. Bakry**** Download
123 Antibacterial effect of lactic acid on multidrug resistant Salmonella isolated from ducks Heba, M. Hassan* ; Maram, M. Tawakol** and Nehal, M. Nabil** Download
129 Bacteriological evaluation of poultry meat treated with lactic acid and calcium chloride Hala, M. Shoukry and Manal M. Said Download
146 Biocontrol of salmonella Typhimurium in minced meat using its assigned Bacteriophage Taghreed Ahmad Hafez and Helal, I.M. Download
1175 Bovine mastitis associated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and their molecular characterization Abdelgawad, M.H. and Bkheet, A.A. Download
137 Case history.Acute toxicity of cadmium in quail and treatment with N-Acetyl cystine Sahar, M. El-Sheshtawy*; Naglaa, F. Al-Shap*; Marwa, M. Nada* * and Nesrin, A. Shawky*** Download
1176 Comparative studies about the effect of Gracilaria spp on Clarias gariepinus fish infected with Aeromonas hydrophila Hend, M. Megahed*; Rehab, E. Mowafy** and Amira, A. Lamey*** Download
165 Comprehensive Phenotypic, genotypic, and immunogenic perspective of Mycoplasma and Brucella mixed infection in a dairy cattle farm at El-Fayoum governorate Sahar, E.O. Ahmed* ; Eman I.M. Beleta**; Farida H. Mohamed*** and Sultan F. Nagati**** Download
155 Detection of antigen of Mycobactrium avium and Salmonella species from caged pet birds Engy, A. Hamed* and Eman, Mahrous** Download
1189 Detection of Beta lactamase -producing E. coli in broiler chickens and in vitro evaluation of antibacterial activity of chitosan nanoparticles Sawsan, Kh.M. Ebied* ; Al Shimaa, A. Sleim* and Mona, A.A. Alkahky** Download
132 Detection of Chicken Anemia and Reo Viruses in broiler chickens in Behera governorate Marwa, Safwat Ahmed; Ahlam, E. Yonis; Neveen, Rabie; Reem, M. Reda and Wafaa, Mohamed Download
149 Detection of Mycotoxigenic Fusarium Species in Poultry Rations and Their Growth Control by Zinc Nanoparticles *Atef, A. Hassan; *Noha, H. Oraby and Manal, M. El-Mesalamy** Download
1174 Detection of virulent genes of some food borne pathogens in chicken meat Maarouf, A.A.* ; Abou-Arab, N.M.** and Amany, O. Selim* Download
142 Determination of tildipirosin residues in rabbit’s serum and tissues by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Nahla, S. Elshater*; Maha, S. Abd-Elhafeez**; Mai A. Fadel** and Mohamed, A.M. Saleh* Download
150 Diagnosis of Sheep Pox Viral Infecion in Al wadi Aljadid governorate, Egypt Hala, A. Salem*; Samya, S. Abd El Naby* and Saad, A. Moussa* Download
1177 Diagnosis of some prevailing blood parasites in fresh water fish Chrysichthys auratus at Al Fath center in Assiut Governorate, Egypt Rasha, S.A. Abd El-Lateif* and Basem, R. Nageib** Download
128 Effect of Aloe vera gel on some bacterial and fungal causes of conjunctivitis in buffaloes *Nahed, M.A. Shawky; **Rasha, M.H. Sayed-El Ahl and **Salem, R.M. Tageldeen Download
151 Effect of bacteriocin nanoparticles in control of staphylococcosis in Diplodus sargus (white seabream) broodstock Sawsan, Kh. M. Ebied* ; Hoda, Mahrous Abass Ibrahim** ; Al Shimaa, A. Sleim* and Rehab, A. Abd-elaziz*** Download
1173 Efficacy of concurrent use of phytogenic and synbiotic in Escherichia coli experimentally infected broilers Gehan, El-Saied* ; Dalia, M. Azab* ; Amany, O. Selim** and Hemat, S. El-Sayed*** Download
152 Epidemiological studies and Genetic characterization of highly pathogenic avian influenza A/H5N1 isolated from Egyptian field strains during 2015-2016 Mohamed Elhusseiny* , Nahed Yehia* , Osama Mahana* , Motaz Elsayed* , Marwa Ali* , Mohamed Samy* , Abdel Sattar Arafa* , Naglaa Hagag* , Ahlam Yonis* , and Wafaa Mohamed1 . Download
124 Erythromycin residues in flesh of Nile Tilapia Nehad, I.E. Salem* ;Barakat, M. ** and Gehan, I.E. Ali** Download
153 Evaluation of microbial quality and mycotoxin (M1) residue in milk of roaming goat flocks El- Nemr, S.A.* ; Mona, M.M. Abd-Elaziz**; Azza, S.M. Abo-El. Naga*** and Elgabry, E.A. Download
166 Evaluation of the effect of chitosan on the control of salmonella typhimurium infection in broiler chickens Rehab, E. Mowafy* ; Naglaa, M. Ali**; Hend, M. Megahed*** and Mervat, A. Ayoub* Download
130 Experimental evaluation of lysozyme as antimicrobial in minced meat Hala, M. Shoukry and Mohamed, A. Abdelmonem Download
1184 Incidence and identification of Sarcocystis species and its patholgical effects in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) Neveen, S. Satour* ; Samy, S. Mohammed** and Abd-Alla, S. Hamed*** Download
125 Listeria monocytogenes virulance genes associated with keratoconjunctivitis in buffaloes Ahlam, K.A. Wahba; Aliaa, A.E. Mohamed and Nahed, M.A. Shawky Download
141 Molecular characterization of microorganisms isolated from some meat products and estimation of total aflatoxin *Noha, H. Oraby; **Khairy, F. Abo-Zaid and ***Gamal, A. Nasser Download
148 Molecular characterization of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from mastitic cows in dairy farms *Aml M. Ragab and **Hoda A. Mohamed Download
167 Molecular diagnosis of Lumpy skin disease virus in cattle in some Egyptian governorates Suzan, Salah* and Saad, A. Moussa** Download
145 Molecular investigation of Arcobacter species isolated from some poultry products in Menofia governorate. EL-toukhy, E.I.*; Dalia, A. Salim** and Samar, M.M. Moustafa*** Download
139 Monitoring of bacterial mass mortalities in farmed pre-growing stage Gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) with control trail Jehan, I. Abdellatief* ; El-Gohary, M.S.** and Marwa, M. Mahmoud*** Download
121 Mycological and Pathological Investigation of Freshwater Cultured Tilapia nilotica in El-Bohaira Governorate. Amal, A. Al-Said* and Safaa, H. Aboollo ** Download
157 Necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringens in broiler chickens Ahlam, E. Yonis* ; Saad, E.A.K. Garamoun** and Nahed, A.E.S. Naem Download
1170 Prevalence of pseudomonas aeroginosa causing of ewes mastitis with special reference to the virulence and antibiotic resistance genes *Hala, S. Abubaker, **Ayman, Hamed Download
164 Preventive role of selenium against toxicological and pathological effects of ochratoxin A in rabbits Enas, A. Abbas*; Amany, M. Salama*; Eman, I.M. Ismail**; Abdalla, S.H.***; Sahar, N. Mohamedy*** and Naglaa, S. Soliman**** Download
144 Real Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction Detection of Trichothecenes Producing Fusarium Species in Animal Feed and Their Control By Silver and Zinc Nanoparticles *Atef, A. Hassan; *Rasha, M.H. Sayed El-Ahl and **Heba, N. Deif Download
1187 Resistance to very virulent Newcastle disease virus among four different types of Egyptian chickens Mostafa M Saleh and Ali M. Zanaty Download
170 Role of Listeria monocytogenes in abortion of ewes *El-Gedawy, A.A.;**Rasha, A. Mohsen;**Abeer, E. Abd El Ghafar and **Hanim, A. Mahmoud Download
131 Safety improvement of creamed powder using gamma radiation and ozone Bassma, A. Hendy* and Dalia, A. Zahran** Download
1188 Study of the prevalence of viral respiratory diseases in poultry in Dakahlia Governorate during 2017-2018 Mostafa, M. Saleh* and Ali, M. Zanaty** Download
159 The current situation of Bluetongue virus Disease in some Egyptian governorates during 2018-2019 Nadia, M.H. Danial; Hala, K. Abdelmegeed; Omnia, M. Kattab; Morcos, Ibrahim Yanni; M.H. Ali; R Download
143 Validated method for extraction and purification of Lipopolysaccharide from Escherichia coli and Salmonella by HPLC Mai, A. Fadel* and Heba, M. Hassan** Download