# Title Researcher Download
76 Bacteriological and genotypic characterization of Brucella isolates from dairy cows and its public health impact Soliman, S. Hazem* ; Nadia, A. Shalaby* ; Abdallah, M.A. Merwad** ; Iman, I.A. Suelim*** and Tamer, S.S. Ahmed Download
77 Bacteriological and Molecular studies on C. pseudotuberculosis equi Causing oedematus skin disease in Buffaloes Aliaa, A.E. Mohamed; Nahed, M.A. Shawky and Ahlam, K.A. Wahba Download
74 Biochemical Effects of Aflatoxin on Rabbit Serum and Meat Chemical Constituents. Al-Afifi, Shaaban Hassan Hassan* and Saudi, Kasim Ragab** Download
86 Clinicopathological studies on bacterial pathogens of ewes’mastitis with molecular detection of some virulence genes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Abdelmohsen, A. Soliman* and Ghada, A. Ibrahim* Download
81 Detection of enterotoxin genes of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from herring type fish and its methicillin resistance ELtoukhy, E.I.* ; Ghada, A. El-gammal** and Nehal, A.A. Naena Download
82 Effect of Chlorine and Natamycin on the hygienic status of cattle meat Noha, M. El-Shinawy; Bassma, A Hendy.; Zaki-Nashwa, M. and Tolba, K. Download
85 Effect of dose escalation and route of administration on tissue residues profile and withdrawal times of gentamicin and apramycin in broiler chickens Hesham, S. Taha* and Hanaa M. Sultan* Download
88 Effect of microwave and halogen oven on polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) residues in Tilapia fish Hala, Ali* and Maysa, M.Thakeb** Download
89 Effect of sucrose and fructose on aluminium residues and quality of heat-treated milk Hala, Ali* and Ola, F. A. Talkhan** Download
84 Integrons and antibiotics resistance genes in Escherichia coli and Salmonella strains isolated from diarrheic chicks Naglaa, M. Ali*; Aml, A. Bakheet*; and Manal, H. Thabet** Download
1181 Molecular characterization of Mycoplasma synoviae from backyard chickens in Dakahlia Governorate Shereen, S. Moustafa* ; Hanim, A. Mahmoud* and Osama, A.A. Younes** Download
78 Molecular investigation of respiratory infections syndrome caused by Mycoplasma bovis and Pasteurella multocida in cow calves Rania, H.A.⃰; Zakaria, I.M.**; Samah, F.A.*** and Amira, A. Moawad Download
80 Molecular study on Salmonella infection in lambs and the associated immunological and biochemical changes Khairy, F. Abu-Zaid* and Marvet, I. Radwan** Download
73 Molecular, serological and histopathological studies on two field strains of Chicken Anemia Virus in SPF chicks Hanaa, A. El-Samadony* ; Laila, A. Tantawy* and Ahlam, E. Yonis** Download
87 Pathological, hematobiochemical and blood serum protein electrophoretogram changes in calves infected with rumen flukes (Paramphestomiasis) at Assiut governorate *Mohammed, H. Rateb; **Lamiaa, Abouel–Hassan and ***Osman M. Mahran Download
75 Prevalence of Streptococcus gallolyticus ssp. Gallolyticus in dogs in some urban areas in Kalyobia Governorate with special reference to animal-human interface Sahar, R. Mohamed⃰; Zakaria, I.M.⃰; Samah, F. Ali⃰ ⃰ ; Eman, S.A.⃰ ⃰ ⃰ and Amira, A. Moawad**** Download
79 Some studies on Equine Influenza virus in Menofiya Governorate Khamees, A.K.S.*; Wafaa, A. Hosny** and Suzan, S.M Download
168 Some studies on Equine Influenza virus in Menofiya Governorate Khamees, A.K.S.*; Wafaa, A. Hosny** and Suzan, S.M.*** Download
91 The extent of the presence of some heavy metal residues in cultured fish and wild fishes Y.A. Abdel-Hakeim and **Ayman, E.A.* Download
90 The toxic effect of Monosodium glutamate as a food additive on some biochemical parameters in male rat Sherin, M. Khodier; Ibrahim, A. Ibrahim; Sherif, Y. Saleh and Marwa, A. El-Beltagy Download