# Title Researcher Download
147 Over view on sheep pox disease and its vaccination under field circumstances Gehan, N.A.* ; Soad Mekawy**; Ebtissam, N. Alshamy***; Suzan, Salah**** and Reham, El Rashidy** Download
116 Pathological changes associated with Mycoplasma, Pasteurella and E. coli infections in respiratory manifested turkeys Rania, H. Abd-Algawad*; Rehab, E. Mowafy** Noha, M.A. Atia***; Amira, E. Lamey *** and Sanaa, M.M. Salem** Download
154 Some studies on virulence factors of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from mastitic buffalo milk and related antibiotic resistant gene *Abeer, A.E. Mohamed and Ola A. Abd El-Fattah* * Download
115 Trails to suppress Bacillus cereus growth producing biofilm and Cereulide toxin in kariesh cheese using oat and rosemary Sayed, H. Al. Habaty and Manal, M. Amin Download