# Title Researcher Download
103 Assessment the impact of green tea and rosemary nanoemulsion on the shelf life of fish fillets. Hala, Ali; Neven, M. Omara and Huda, Elsayed Download
99 Brucella infection in cows and the associated pathological changes Nadia, A. Shalaby*; Hala, M. Esmael** and Hanm, A. Mahmoud*** Download
105 Evaluation of some antibiotic residues in some cultured fishes Y.A. Abdel-Hakeim* and R.H. Zaki Download
101 Genotyping of avian influenza viruses (H5N1-H9N2) isolated from Egyptian field strains using Pyrosequencing technique Ali, Zanaty and Mohamed, H. Elhusseiny Download
98 Histopathological changes associated with Mycoplasma and some bacterial agents causing arthritis in ducks Rania, H. Abd-Algawad*; Mervat, A. Ayoub**; Rehab, E. Mowafy** and Amira, E. Lamey Download
100 Molecular detection of antibiotic and disinfectant resistant genes in Salmonella and E. coli caused omphalitis in chicks Nahla, S. Elshater* ; Shaimaa, A. Abd El-Kader**; Mona, M. El-Azzouny** and Mervat, A. Ayoub Download
104 Molecular detection of virulence and antibiotic resistance genes in Enterococcus faecalis isolated from diseased tilapia fish. Mayada, A.M. Abou Zeid* ; Hala, A.M. Abd El-Hady* and Doaa, M. Gad** Download
102 Study on Klebsiella pneumoniae causing respiratory infection in small ruminants *Ali, A.R. and **Abu-Zaid, KH.F. Download