# Title Researcher Download
63 Advanced bacteriological studies on bumblefoot associated with respiratory infections in broiler chicken with some clinicopathological alteration Fatma, M. Youssef* ; Abdelmohsen, A. Soliman* ; Ghada, A. Ibrahim** and Hend, A. Saleh* Download
70 Bacteriological Evaluation of Prepared Food of Animal Origin in Butcher Area at Hotel’s kitchen *Afaf, A.M. Ahmed;** Heba, Badr; *** Shimaa, El-Nagarand ** Soad, A. Nasef Download
58 Bacteriological studies on some bacteria causing bovine skin lesions *Nahed, M.A. Shawky; *Ahlam, K.A. Wahba;*Aliaa, A. Mohamed and **M. Makin El-Bardisy Download
60 Clinicopathological changes associated with Escherichia coli infection in Calves Hala, A. Abd EL-Hamed* ; Kawther, H. Sabah** and Rehab, E. Dawod*** Download
69 Comparative Study Between Bacterial Status of Balady and Commercial Table Egg with Detection of Genes Producing toxin in Luxor Governorate *Afaf, A.M. Ahmed; **Hend, Karam; *Safaa, Zakaria and **Soad, A. Nasef Download
71 Detection of Shiga-Like Toxin Producing Escherichia coli in Food of Animal Origin by Street Vendors at Luxor City *Afaf, A.M. Ahmed; **Samah, Eid; *Shimaa, El-Nagar and **Soad, A. Nasef Download
56 Hygienic evaluation of Liver sandwiches retailed at restaurants and street vendors Mohamed Ibrahim* and Abeer, H. Ali** Download
55 Impact of packaging method on microbial flora and biogenic amines in chicken meat Magdy, Thabet Gerges* ; El Asuoty, M.S.** and Amany, Omar Selim*** Download
61 Influence of selenium nanoparticles on some bacterial and fungal causes of mastitis in buffaloes *Hassan, A.A.; **Mogda, K. Mansour; ***Nahed, M.A. Shawky and *Rasha, M.H. Sayed El Ahl Download
67 Investigation of digenesis in some marine fishes in Red Sea Heba, I. Abdel-Mawla* and Nesreen, S.I. Yousef ** Download
65 Molecular Characterization of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus In Sheep and Goats in some Egyptian Governorates Raafat, Salem Abdel Hamid*; Mohammed, Abdel Hameed Shalaby**; Ahmed, El-sanousi* and Sayed, Ahmed Hassan Download
62 Molecular study on Mannheimia haemolytica and Aspergillus fumigatus causing respiratory affection in buffalo calves *Wafaa, A. El Sebaey** Mareim, Halem Youssef Download
66 Sero Survey on current status of Foot and Mouth Disease in sheep and Goats in some Egyptian Governorates Raafat, Salem Abdel Hamid*; Mohammed, Abdel Hameed Shalaby**; Ahmed, El-Sanousi* and Sayed, Ahmed Hassan*** Download
59 Shiga toxigenic Escherichia coli isolated from table egg Marwa, M.N. EL-Gendi and Manal, M. Amin Download
64 Studies on the effect of co-administration of fluconazole on distribution, elimination and residues of clarithromycin in rabbit tissues Hesham, S. Taha and Riham, M. Raafat Download
1179 Trials for isolation, molecular typing and serodiagnosis of Leptospira infection in African Catfish Clarias gariepinus *Shereen, S. Moustafa; *Hanim, A. Mahmoud; **Dina, M. Mansour and ***Doaa, M. Gad Download
72 Validation of HPLC methods for detection of selenium and Nano-selenium in chicken tissues Mai, A. Fadel* ; Fadwa, F. Mahmoud** and Essam, S. Soliman Download
68 Virulence factors associated with staphylococci isolated from mastitic Egyptian buffaloes with special reference to the biochemical changes in the serum and milk Badia, Saad El-Sayd Moshref *; Korietum, Kh. M.** and Ola, F.A. Talkhan Download