# Title Researcher Download
49 Biochemical, hematological and field studies on macro and micronutrients imbalances as a cause of hormonal, metabolic changes and oxidative stress in growing buffalo calves in Sharqia province El-Nile, M.B.*; Shorbagy I.M.***; Abeer, I.A. Abo El-Gheit* and Nahed, Abd Elhafeez Kamoura** Download
45 Determination of some chemical compositions and heavy metal residues in sheep and goat milk Saber, A.S.* and El Hofy, H.R.** Download
48 Effect of addition of rifampin to Stabilizer on lypholized RB51 vaccine Sally, M. Abd Elsalam* ; Khaled Al-Amry**; khaled, A, Abd-el-Azeem* and Ahmed Samir Download
44 Genetic and immunogenic studies of variant Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus under controlled laboratory conditions Walid, H. Kilany* ; Yasmine, Moussa** and Magdy, El Sayed** Download
53 Molecular characterization of Enteropathogenic Echerichia coli isolated from mollscus and studying their sensitivity to acetic acid. Walaa I. Ahmed* and Kamal H. Aioub** Download
46 Molecular Studies of Some Bacterial Causes of Incurable Wounds in Equines Dalia, Iskander and Eman, F. Farag Download
54 Relationship between virulence genes and quinolone resistance among Escherichia coli isolated from broilers Ghada, A. El-gammal* ; Nehal, A.A. Naena* ; Atef, A. Salim** and Abd El-Halem, M. Hegazy Download
47 Some bacteriological, molecular and biochemical investigation on horses infected with respiratory system bacteria Dalia Iskander; ** Venees, F. Yassa and ***Abd-El-Hamid, T.M. Download
136 Some Biomarkers in Barki and Rahmani sheep to heat stress challenge under the effect of hot dry conditions of the Egyptian oasis M.H. Rateb* and H.A. Hmdon** Download
51 Some quality parameters of marketed frozen Mackerel and Sardine fish in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate Nehad, I.E. Salem* and Gehan, I.E. Ali* Download
52 Studies on Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in hatcheries and chicken Rehab E. Dawod, * Wafaa A. Abd El-Ghany ** and Khadra M. Soliman ** Download