# Title Researcher Download
27 Bactericidal effect of silver nanoparticles on methicillin resistant Staphylococcus. aureus (MRSA) isolated from bulk milk tanks Zakaria, I.M.* and Walaa M.A. Elsherif** Download
33 Co-infection between Enterobacteriaceae and Avian Influenza Virus H8N2 in Poultry Sherein, G. Kholosy; **Selim, S.A.; **Shehata, A.S. and * Soad, A. Nasef Download
31 Comparative studies on amelioration of adverse effects of danofloxacin by using alpha-lipoic acid or ursodeoxycholic acid in rats Hesham, S. Taha* ; Riham, M. Raafat* and Dardiri M.** Download
29 Comparative toxicity of thiobencarb and penoxulam in Clarias gariepinus with referring to residues and public health hazards Eman, S. Abdelhameid*; Marwa, A. Ibrahim**; Riham, M. Elrashidy*** and Hend, M. Megahed* Download
28 Detection of some heavy metals in bulk milk tank of some cows dairy herds Fayza, A. Sdeek* ; Hanan, A. Azoz**; Fayza, A. EL Tedawy*** and Amany, A. Salam *** Download
24 Estimation of some heavy metals residues in chicken and meat shawerma from fast food restaurants and its relation to public health El Asuoty, M.S.* ; Fayza, A. Sdeek**; Fayza, A. El Tedawy ***And Amany, A. Sallam *** Download
25 Evaluation of local food product on the growth rate of baby parrots Abdallah, M.I.* and Khalaf, D.D** Download
26 Immuno-Biochemical and Pathological Studies on Aspergillosis in Broiler Chicks with Trail of Prevention Nahed A. Kamoura*, Sahar N. Mohamady*, Rihame R. El-Rashedy*, Abdulla S. Hameed**and Howayda M. El-Shafei*** Download
30 Monitoring Atrazine residue in Clarias gariepinus tissues Venees, F. Yassa* ; Dalia, E. El-Hefny** and Nashwa, S. Elias*** Download
32 Some bacteriological and molecular studies on Clostridium perfringes and Escherichia coli isolated from calves suffering from enteritis. Nehal, A.A. Naena and Mayada, A.M. Abou Zeid Download