# Title Researcher Download
21 Assessment of Dietary Supplementation with Pomegranate Peel Powder or Its Extract on Productive Performance and Immune Status of Rabbits Ashgan, F. El-Sissi* ; Bahakim, A.S.A. ** Fatma, E. Saba** and Osman, A.O Download
16 Bacteriological studies on Pseudomonas aeruginosa causing clinical mastitis of cattle with special reference to the antibiotic resistant genes of the isolates Wafaa, A. El Sebaey; Ghada, O. El-Demerdash and Khairy, F. Abuzaid Download
22 Coprological, serological and molecular diagnosis of Toxocara species in buffaloes, cattle and calves Khaled, A.M. Shokier * ; Souzan, G. Ghattas**, Reda, S. Fadly*** and Saad, N. Ab El-Soad**** Download
23 Effect of E. coli Proteolytic enzymes on Virulence and Pathogencity of Avian Influenza Virus * Sherein, G. Kholosy; **Selim, S.A.; **Shehata, A.S. and * Soad, A. Nasef Download
20 Hypolipidemic effects of Coriandrumsativum Leaves extract on a diet- induced hyperlipidemia in mice Kaula, A. Saad Download
18 Molecular and serological studies of FMD virus serotype (O) Khattab, O.M.; HalaK, Abd-Elmegeed; Eman, M. Abohatab; Maher, N.; Wael, Farouk; Hanan, A. Fahmy and Momtaz, Shahein Download
19 New method for determination of tylosin tartrate using high performance liquid chromatography Maha, S. Abd-Elhafeez and Hanan, A. Azoz Download
17 Using various types of stabilizers in different Lyophilization Programs for maintenance viability of Eimeria tenella Lilian, F.S. Melika* ; El-Dakhly, A.T.** and Effat, L. El Sayed Download