# Title Researcher Download
113 Relationship between Mycoplasma mastitis, antioxidant bio-activities and pesticide residues Fayza, A. Sdeek*; Rania, H. Abd-Algawad**; Samah, F. Ali***; Mahmoud, Arafa**** and Essam, Kamel**** Download
114 Studying the effect of chitosan on Bacillus cereus producing cereulide toxin in milk and some dairy desserts Walaa, M. ElSherif*; Abeer, H.M. El Hendy**; Neveen, A. Elnisr** and Nahed, M. Wahba* Download
111 The efficiency of Alginic acid, Sodium alginate and Egg white lysozyme in sustain the safety of beef burger Khalid, Tolba; Noha, M. El-Shinawy and Basma, A. Hendy Download
112 Trials for replace industrial phosphate salts with milk calcium and guar gum powders as a natural product to improve the quality of minced beef Noha, M. El-Shinawy* and Mohamed, A. Abdelmonem Download