# Title Researcher Download
7 Bacteriological and molecular studies on Staphylococcus aureus isolated from mastitic cows using Vitek2 compact system Wafaa, A. El Sebaey; Ghada, O. El-demerdash; Sahar, R. Mohamed and Zizet, Z. Zareh Download
8 Bacteriological studies on some Gram negative bacteria causing neonatal calf diarrhea Wafaa, A. El Sebaey; Sahar, R. Mohamed; Ghada, O. El-demerdash and Hala, F. Habashy Download
3 Biochemical Effects of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Biological Product) and Hydrated Sodium Calcium Alimono-Silicate "HSCAS"(Chemical Compound) as Anti-Aflatoxin in Chicken Rations Al-Afifi, SH.H.H.*; Manal, I. Abd El-Fadeel* and Bayomi, A.S.A Download
5 Characterization of real risks of high mortality associated with respiratory disease syndrome (RDS) in commercial broiler chicken in Egypt, 2015 Marwa, Safwat; Walid, H. Kilany; Engy, A. Hamed; Mohamed, Samy; Naglaa, Hagag; Fatma, Amer and Mohamed, K. Hassan Download
4 Concurrent bacterial and Mycoplasma co-infection with the infectious bronchitis virus disease in broilers Heba, Hassan; Wafaa, Mohamed; Wesam, Mady; Mohamed, A. Soliman and Soad, A. Nasef Download
9 Disposition kinetic of clarithromycin in healthy and Escherichia coli- infected broiler chickens Hesham, S. Taha and Riham, M. Raafat Download
2 Effect of Chitosan-Nanoparticles on the shelf life of chilled chicken meat and decontamination of Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhimurium Dalia, Y.Youssef* and Dalia, M.A. ELMasry Download
11 Effect of milk and dairy products preservation In plastic packages Arwa, H.M. Nassar* and Azza, A. Hassan Download
10 Evaluation of Biosecurity Practices in Broiler Poultry Farms in Algabal Alakhdar Region, Libya Najwa, A. Ismaael* ; Abdulkarim, F. Hussain Adam* ; Osama, Khalil Said Gaidan**; Tawfig, El Tigani. Mohamed* and Somiya, Ahmed Freguon** Download
14 Genotyping of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) isolated from Egyptian field strains using Pyrosequencing Naglaa, M. Hagag Download
12 Influence of organophosphorus insecticide, Phoxim, on hematological, biochemical, histopathological, genotoxicity and fertility in male rats Venees, F. Yassa* and Shenouda, M. Girgis Download
15 Isolation of Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes from different prepared food Wafaa, M.M. Hassan; Mostafa, I. Radwan; Ahmed, H.M.; Heba, R.M.I. and Heba, M. Hassan Download
13 Molecular studies on klebsiella pneumoniae as a causative agent of cattle mastitis with special reference to some clinicopathological changes Fatma, M. Youssef; Heba, E. Farhan and Soliman, A.M. Download
6 Nematodiasis in some marine fishes from Red Sea and its public health significance Heba, I. Abdel-Mawla* and Nesreen, S. I. Yousef Download
1 Prevalence of Sarcocystis in slaughtered sheep carcasses in AL-bieda, Libya * Radya, A.A. Mustafa; **Somia, A. Alsanousi and * Tufahah, M.O. Atiyahullah Download